Greetings from Prohosterz!!
We are writing this to inform that due to recent amendments in IT act by Indian Government, we will need the scanned documents for all account holders at Prohosterz. The documents will be required for verification to comply with recent changes in norms and to help mitigating cyber crime growing these days. All the documents will be kept secure without any public access and under single lock and key. Please supply any of the following docs:
1. A scanned image of your passport or government-issued ID card (This ID must include your picture, signature, name, date of birth and address.)

2.  A scanned image of a recent utility bill (such as a gas, electric, phone or water bill) or bank statement. This statement must be dated within the last 6 months and include your name and address. 

Please Note:
    1.Name and address on file must match your identity documents.
    2. Identity documents must be government-issued and not expired.
    3. Portrait must appear to match the user photo in the ID documents.
    4. Date on the scanned document must be within six months of the upload date and the information must match your ProHosterz user information.
    5. In some cases supplemental documentation or contact with the user via a video-call (e.g. webcam-enabled Skype) may be required.

We will be expecting the submission of the documents within next 72 hours, failing which we will be forced to suspend your respective services.

For inquiries, please contact us at support-team [at] prohosterz.com available.

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding.

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Monday, September 24, 2012

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