As you may already be aware, On January 16, 2019, Google announced  a price update for G Suite Basic and G Suite Business edition which will be effective from April 02, 2019.

Google has transformed from providing Gmail solution a decade ago to a more powerful platform with more than dozen applications. These applications with their advanced Artificial Intelligent and learning capabilities gather insight from our data and behavior and makes it easier for us to respond to mails, prevents spam, protects us from phishing attacks and more. Many of such activities happen in the background and we hardly come to know of it (Just check number of mails in your spam folder to get a sense of it).
Price has remained same all throughout and now Google has announced that Globally prices for G Suite Basic Edition will increase from $5 to $6 and G Suite Business Edition will increase from $10 to $12 (or equivalent increase in local currency). You can refer to the Google announcement here

New G Suite price  in India effective April 02, 2019

G Suite India has a reduced in India pricing compared to other geographies. For instance G Suite Basic Edition is offered at Rs.150 per user/month and not a $5 equivalent in INR (around Rs.350).

India is a very sensitive, dynamic market and pricing the G Suite products gets quite critical. As a Google Partner, we are yet to hear from Google on the exact pricing for G Suite Basic and G Suite Business editions. In line with global increase the Indian rates could be increased by 20% or may make specific adjustments and give a different pricing for India, we have to wait to see.

G Suite New Rates for existing customers

Existing G Suite Basic and G Suite Business edition customers  who are on Flexible Plan will have new prices starting April 02, 2019. So this may be a good chance to move from flexible plan to Annual plan and save some money.
For Annual Plan G Suite Basic and G Suite Business edition customers whose renewal has happened or happens prior to April 02, 2019 will not be impacted and continue on the current rates.
For renewals happening April 02, 2019 the new rates will come into effect from the renewal date.

New G Suite rates for new Customers

For those who are evaluating or thinking of buying G Suite, now is the time before the new price kicks in on April 02, 2019. You get to benefit the current rates for almost an year and more.


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Sunday, February 10, 2019

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