Install RKHunter

You can install RKHunter on Linux Server by using following steps.

1 Login to your server as root

2. cd /usr/local/src

3 Download RKHunter and extract the archive


Some time above URL is working fine due to that you can also use following URL to download the tar file.

tar -xzvf rkhunter-1.1.4.tar.gz

4. Install RKHunter

cd rkhunter



./ –layout default –install

You can also set the cron to receive the RKHunter result.

vi /etc/cron.daily/
(/usr/local/bin/rkhunter –update && /usr/local/bin/rkhunter -c –nocolors –skip-keypress –summary 2>&1 | mail -s “RKhunter Scan Details”

chmod a+x /etc/cron.daily/

As RKHunter now updated its version therefore it could be possible that above steps or URL won’t work therefore please refer to the following new steps to install RKHunter

root@server [~]# cd /usr/local/src


root@server [~]#tar -xvf rkhunter-1.3.8.tar.gz

root@server [~]#cd rkhunter-1.3.8

root@server [/usr/local/src/rkhunter-1.3.8]#./ –layout default –install

Now run the rkhunter

root@server [/usr/local/src/rkhunter-1.3.8]# /usr/local/bin/rkhunter -c

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